With milestones to achieve, teams to manage, and complex projects to undertake, marketing is likely the last thing on the mind of a construction contractor. But it should – especially if booking jobs is a challenge amid tough local competition. 

You need to stand out and show potential clients why you’re the best company for the job. And this is where digital marketing comes in. The way potential customers find and interact with construction companies is changing. It’s estimated that nearly 9 in every 10 people today turn to the internet to find local businesses, including your construction business.

But even with the advent of online marketing and the unique nature of the construction industry, this may not be enough. Marketing for construction contractors still needs to be well-planned and executed flawlessly to see generous returns.

Here are a few tips to help with marketing for construction contractors.

Implementing these tips thoughtfully and thoroughly can help acquire new clients and maintain existing customers.

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1. What Makes Your Business Stand Out in the Construction Industry?

Marketing for construction contractors is all about reaching potential clients and convincing them that you can meet their needs. You need to show them why you’re better than the rest of the competition in the construction industry. How so? 

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There are tons of avenues you can pursue to make your construction business stand out. This includes:

  • Being authoritative – Position yourself as the go-to source for construction-related knowledge and expertise.
  • Show that you’re trustworthy and reliable – Consider brandishing positive customer reviews in multiple places. Trust is a valuable currency in the construction industry.
  • Be client-focused – Focus more on what potential clients want and need.
  • Show off the unique personalities of your construction company via visually engaging media outlets like video.

2. Invest in Paid Advertisements – Pay per Click and Social Media Marketing

Online marketing is a highly competitive space. You need to enforce the best practices in your construction marketing strategy in order to thrive. And in digital marketing, few tactics are as effective and instant as paid advertisements. This works by placing your message (Ad) in front of users who are searching for – or interested in your services.

A well-planned social media marketing campaign on relevant social media platforms and PPC (pay per click) ads are great ways to pop up, right in the face of your target audience. This attracts some serious traffic and leads in the process. The results are often fast and you get to control your construction company’s visibility.

But even as you invest in acquiring new clients through social media and PPC ads, don’t forget to follow up on existing customers. Remarketing your services is a great construction marketing strategy that could lead to more business and a lower cost. This could be as simple as implementing email marketing into your current structure.

Mass Foam Systems example ad containing phone number

Expert Tip: Always incorporate your phone number in the ads. It should be tied directly to your construction business’s name to allow easy access.

3. Content Marketing for Construction Contractors

There’s a reason Bill Gates stated that “Content is King.” Content marketing for construction contractors increases web traffic and improves organic search engine results for the long term. The best bit of all, this can be done at little-to-no cost. By continually publishing blog content that provides value, you leave a good and lasting impression on your construction company.

Here are some content marketing tips:

  • Integrate video into your content marketing strategy. Statistics show that video could improve your traffic by up to 157%.
  • Maintain consistency
  • Focus more on helping potential clients (viewers), rather than pushing a sales offers down their throat
  • Make the content interesting for the target audience. Some great construction company blog topics include DIY tutorials, innovations in the construction industry, tips & tricks, and reviews.

4. Leverage the Power of Google Search – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Did you know that more than 93% of online experiences start with a search engine search? Google search engine alone accounts for over 70% of this traffic. Search engine optimisation (SEO) can make the difference between a client contacting your construction company or a competitor. It improves your business’s online visibility, boosts brand awareness, and it attracts qualified leads (i.e., the target audience).

As of the date of this post (28/04/2021), Google accounts for 92.41% of all search engine queries.

Bar chart showing Google has 92.42% of search engine market share.

Some SEO best practices that should be part of your construction marketing strategy include:

  • Investing time in keyword research.
  • Customising your content to your geographical location.
  • Being consistent.

5. Consider Effective Budget Management in your Marketing Efforts

Budgeting is one of the most important aspects of marketing for construction contractors. As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

All your marketing efforts should be hinged on a budget management plan that maximizes the ROI (return on investment). Ensure you have detailed records of the expected leads/sales from the digital marketing efforts and the cost of the activities. This also includes analysing the performance/returns of your marketing efforts and tweaking them for better outcomes.

6. Build Relationships with a Good Website Design and Homepage Message

According to industry statistics, more than 6 in every 10 customers find and engage with a construction company via its website. And as anyone in the construction industry knows, first impressions go a long way in building relationships – whether it’s a reception desk or a website landing page.

A simple, easy-to-navigate, and visually appealing homepage keeps visitors interested and curious about what you have to offer. The homepage message should highlight the critical information a lead would likely be looking for and personable enough to build relationships. Also, consider adding a clear “Contact Us” section with your phone number and a slideshow of your positive reviews or portfolio.

7. Attract Potential Clients with a Good Brand Image

In online marketing for construction contractors, the brand image is more than a catchy tagline or creative logo. It includes how you represent your construction business to potential customers. It highlights your company’s values and aspirations.

Posting content on your website and social media platforms offer an excellent way to attract potential clients and build a good brand image. Engaging with users consistently gives them an opportunity to know your brand values at a personal level.

man wowing to brand image

Building trust with your potential clients can go a long way. Utilising your digital content can be a great way to achieve this and show your client that you are an active construction company, willing to go the extra mile.

8. Maintain Customer Interest with an Easy Sales Process

An often-overlooked part of marketing for construction contractors is what happens when you acquire a lead – i.e. the sales process. Ensure the sales journey of a potential customer is as seamless as possible. Right from realising they need a construction service to making the actual purchase.

Here are the top ways to create a positive sales experience with your prospects:

  • List carefully to their needs
  • Don’t be pushy with your offer
  • Provide all relevant information
  • Respond in a timely manner

Design the sales process with the customer’s need in mind – not how you want to sell. Your clients want to feel valued and this calls for a relationship-led approach to sealing deals. And don’t forget to analyse the cause of stalled sales.