The Problem:

Mass Foam Systems approached us to state their concern… They were paying a lot of money for Google PPC but wanted their website to stand for itself in an organic sense. They wanted to ensure that, if the Google PPC budget was axed tomorrow, their website would still stand on and bring in the business organically.

The current keywords that Mass Foam Systems were ranking for were not the keywords you would typically search if you were looking for spray foam insulation or even insulation generally.

The Solution:

During the initial get together of which this issue was raised, Mass Foam Systems expressed a keyword that they thought would be good to rank for:

  • Icynene spray foam insulation contractors

Now, this keyword may initially seem like a good keyword to rank for. However, for the general public, this was not the case and our research on potential keywords proved this. This is due to the length and detail of the keyword; A long-tail keyword like this is rarely going to be searched by a number of people.

To keep our client happy and generate some quick & reliable results, we pursued this keyword anyway as long-tail keywords are a good starting place for ranking any new or limited authority website. On top of this, through our own research, we provided a list and action plan of converting keywords that we believed the Mass Foam Systems website had the potential to rank for, some being:

  • Expanding foam insulation (1300 monthly searchers)
  • Spray foam insulation costs (880 monthly searchers)
  • Icynene (880 monthly searchers)
  • Icynene spray foam (480 monthly searchers)

Of the listed keywords, we successfully ranked Mass Foam Systems in the top 10 results (1st page) for every keyword within the first 20 days. Our efforts were primarily focussed around:

  • Generating new keyword focussed blog pages
  • Altering and updating existing content on current pages with high authority but limited keyword targeting

As a continuous process of exploring, implementing and testing new keywords, our SEO efforts had produced Mass Foam Systems with organic growth of over 219% and organic conversion growth of over 212% within 11 months.

Key Figures

New 1st Page Keywords (Month)

Organic Growth (11 Months)

Goal Completions (11 Months)