The Problem:

My client aimed to optimize their business operations by enhancing the generation of reports, management plans, and client service history. The existing approach proved to be time-consuming and required significant labour, taking several hours to produce a single document despite utilizing digital data. To expedite the process and ensure precision, my client sought to implement a more efficient workflow.

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The Solution:

I developed a customized solution for my client by utilizing their digitized data to generate an input/output response. To meet this requirement, we selected Fulcrum, which allows data entry during site visits and dynamically generates a formatted PDF document using conditional logic. Throughout the implementation process, I ensured that the solution aligned with the client’s specific requirements, including adhering to styling guidelines, incorporating complex conditional logic, and maintaining ease of use. This project pushed the boundaries of the Fulcrum app’s capabilities, necessitating a deep understanding of templating languages, CSS, and JavaScript to create advanced reports. Additionally, I invested time in comprehending the inner workings of the Fulcrum app to ensure seamless integration.

By conducting weekly progress calls and employing an iterative approach, I effectively delivered a solution that not only met but exceeded my client’s expectations. This solution was seamlessly integrated into the core operations of the business, serving as a valuable component. The dynamic reports generated as a result of this implementation flawlessly fulfilled all the report generation requirements of my client’s business, without making any compromises.